Trapped by Culture

I tend to avoid anything with a political undertone, but this is article is a rant for new friends I have made.

In England and as a man I can be very selfish and to the most part with the right admin have the freedom do anything I want and I am defined mostly by my actions. In conclusion I am f***ing lucky.

Queue some friends I have met. Ms K which this rant is mainly about is smart, funny mutli-lingual, well travelled and extremely resourceful. Unfortunately her visa ran out and had to return to China. I keep in regular contact with her and feel for her. Now she isn’t defined by herself but her relationship status as single, from her home life to even job interviews. She has felt pressured to meet suitors who don’t see a lively smart Woman but someone who isn’t quiet and reserved.

Mr S is a pretty slick young man who was travelling around Oceania, he has an amazing youthful enthusiasm about him. Unfortunately he had to stop his adventure to serve mandatory military service. Despite the country he lives in not being involved in a war for a century.

The point of this slightly off key article is to really appreciate the freedoms you have. Rant over.