I have been restless lately…

 In my gielded cage I wake up in the dark to see the day go bye. Back to the coldness of my crafted structure.
Then snap. I’m trapped.

With one big knock the walls crumble down. Left is a path of dust.
I stumple and turn with a smile on my face as realisation hits, i’m on the right path.

A journey of uncertainity to help discover beneath the surface.
Creating memories anew of people, sights and sounds.

I hit the centre of this giant maze. I have found the truth of my uncertainity.
It is simply balance. Then realisation, i’m truly restless.

That dead sea in July

poem of genocide

I visited a country that deeply moved me today. I felt compelled to write this, I hope you enjoy.

I looked around at the sea of the dead.

Brothers, Sons and Fathers all swept away.

Left in the wake, white plaques with names from A to Z.


A survivors story of the long dead;

And Man’s broken promise to offer safe habour.


A tale of the great seas rage.

Over 8000 souls lost in its icy depths.


Now all that is left on the 11th July is rememberence.

A cautionary tale to be shared with Man.

And a final grim lesson to haunt our history.

London… relearning the love part 3

In an earlier post I spoke about relearning my love of London. As I discussed I discovered a great app called Walkster that has suggested walking tours. Today’s tour Richmond.

So armed with my oyster card (i’m still retro) and hat off I went to Richmond. How to describe Richmond? In the background I hear clay pigeon shooting( I hope) and dogs barking. I stand at the top of a hill and see the mighty river thames, rowers and parks blooming all around me. I smell fresh air away from the hustle of central London, and I know I am in a very Conservative Borough.

All in all Richmond was a much needed escape from central London for the day and if I ever come back to London will be a welcome regular escape. For those picture lovers see a few here

“To watch the sunset after a cold winter’s day, the hued colours of pale in subtle purple grays, bushing peach and pinks, to paint light brush strokes on the February sunset watch” -Sunset Watch

My life poem…

I wanted to try something different today, I hope you enjoy it.

Life is the maze, and we stick to the path.

If you turn the wrong way do you risk getting lost.

To know is to feel safe, but what is lost. 

To get lost we feel but is it  hope or despair.

A risk worth exploring or is it a danger to great.

 A decision to turn when everyone travels straight.

I turned to the right and left my life with the fates.


Sad but beautiful poem

He was Broken & Frustrated, So much that He wanted to End all this, He wanted to End his Life… With a Blade in his Hand, He wept silently in a corner of his Room, hoping SomeOne would come & Hug him tight… But now, he wanted to Cease the Fight, He wanted to End […]

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Lovely poem

Life’s isn’t simple,it’s the biggest lie Leaving it to God,hoping it will be alright No matter how windy it gets or how stormy the sky, A candle has to burn before you put a hand around to protect it’s light. Life isn’t always cheerful and glittering Sometimes,it’s colored with shades less bright Loneliness […]

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