A travellers rant

In the last year travelling around the world I have met some amazing people. As I have been mainly staying in backpackers they tend to be a newer generation of people, not my own generation Y. This has been a great experience on the whole as they see the same things very differently but there is one thing I really don’t understand…

You have chosen to travel the world and are seeing some of the most amazing sights; both natural and manmade. However on the whole the first thought is to get a photo/selfie and move on.

Don’t get me wrong I like a good photo to capture the moment but after I have taken in the sights and thought about what I am seeing.

This was never more apparent when I recently visited the Great Ocean Road, which has some of the most amazing sea rock formations. People literally spent 30 seconds taking photos and moving on. WHY, WHY, WHY! Think you are seeing millions of years of rock formations creating a truly stunning visual experience and I assure you pictures wont do it justice.

Mini rant over. So young people, stop and enjoy the experience then take a photo. Your experience will be so much richer with a lasting memory.


Merry Christmas around the world

I want to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas tomorrow or the next day depending on which time zone your on. Like many of my readers you will be spending it travelling so in that spirit this is Merry/Happy Christmas from my favourite countries around the world.

Czech-Veselé Vánoce, New Zealand Maori- Meri Kirithimete, Spain/Mexican-Feliz Navidad and Switzerland (Switz German)-Schöni Wiehnachte.

If your interested in finding out more about Santa check out my article on my latest blog stuff I think I know


I have been restless lately…

 In my gielded cage I wake up in the dark to see the day go bye. Back to the coldness of my crafted structure.
Then snap. I’m trapped.

With one big knock the walls crumble down. Left is a path of dust.
I stumple and turn with a smile on my face as realisation hits, i’m on the right path.

A journey of uncertainity to help discover beneath the surface.
Creating memories anew of people, sights and sounds.

I hit the centre of this giant maze. I have found the truth of my uncertainity.
It is simply balance. Then realisation, i’m truly restless.

Solo travel- the recharge

Getting into solo travel espeically in an unusual environment can be hard. It has a lot of ups and downs.

At the moment after 9 months on the road I am feeling drained. After all being a solo traveller takes alot of energy. You are constantly having to make new friends, usually not eating and sleeping that well and trying to maximise your experience.

For me the answer as someone inclined to be an introvert is to check-in to a hotel with my own space. Acknowledge that it’s OK  not  to feel on a constant travel high and give myself time to do nothing. Then get out of the rut and plan something sociable.

How do you deal with the travel lows?

Some random thoughts of a traveller

I started this blog 10 months ago when I made a decision to effectively quit the life I had constructed. I considered all my options in one of my first articles “so what now?”, and ultimately decided to travel to give myself time to reflect and decide on a path.

I have made a number of decision in that time, however this article isn’t about big thoughts. Its about all the little random things you can discover.

Random thoughts

  • I fucking love ginger.
  • The male New Orlean accent is my favourite.
  • I always thought I was an indoors person, and in fact I am never more happy than when I’m hiking outside.
  • I have a real soft spot for the German people, they have a real adventurous spirit.
  • I don’t really like planning (great ex project manager…).

So this article actually does have a message behind it. Its so easy to measure yourself based on big decisions or milestones and then punish yourself for failing (I was that person). However its important to look at the small picture. We are making discoveries everyday that we don’t think about that shape the person we are and that’s AMAZING.

Remember be kind to yourself and look out for the small things.

That dead sea in July

poem of genocide

I visited a country that deeply moved me today. I felt compelled to write this, I hope you enjoy.

I looked around at the sea of the dead.

Brothers, Sons and Fathers all swept away.

Left in the wake, white plaques with names from A to Z.


A survivors story of the long dead;

And Man’s broken promise to offer safe habour.


A tale of the great seas rage.

Over 8000 souls lost in its icy depths.


Now all that is left on the 11th July is rememberence.

A cautionary tale to be shared with Man.

And a final grim lesson to haunt our history.

Being homesick…

So travelling for an extended period has been a truly blessed experience, however I found myself home sick for a couple of days last week.

I have meet fellow travellers in person and online who have been very homesick especially when solo travelling. I got though it and am having an amazing fulfilling experience again. So I wanted to share some simple tips that helped me.

Structure– as a traveller I personally try to be in the moment. However the constant unknown can add to homesickness. So spend some time getting organised, even if its just planning one day; not only will the planning make you think of something else, but will also give you some much needed certainity going forward.

A taste of home– do something that you would have done at home. For me its was spending a little extra and having my own room for a day. But it could be a favourite food, gossip with a friend, a movie etc

Don’t isolate yourself– its tempting to crawl into your shell when your feeling low, but do the opposite. Meet other travellers if your at a hostel, or use meet ups on couchsurfing. Other travellers will help reinforce the reason you are doing what your doing.

Five personal reflections of a solo traveller

It has just been over three month’s travelling solo and it made me ask some questions. Have I enjoyed myself? Yes. Am I still having a good time? Yes. Am I missing home? On occasion. Have I found what I am looking for? No but I am starting too. So I thought I would share a few personal reflections.

  1. The essential nature of balance in my life– I need excitement offset against calm.
    People offset against me time. Travel offset with times of stillness. In essence when I return to whatever I decide to go back to I need to work (yes it wont just happen) to find balance in my life.

  2. People help fulfil me– eefore this journey I was becoming more introverted and like a Hermit, I had lost sight of people. I realise my personal preference is small groups of people, especially new people.

  3. The great outdoors– before this trip I had convinced myself a good time involved civilised cocktails at an overpriced cocktail bar. I realise I am most at peace outside whether hiking, climbing, swimming, mountain biking etc.

  4. I really cant sit still– something in my personality dictates I can’t just be still.
    In the last decade this has manifest in trying to make dramatic changes in my life (this adventure a prime example). I have come to realise its because I have an insatiable thirst for the new. How I balance this with whatever new life I create will be essential for happiness. How to accomplish this is something I have another 9 months to think on.

  5. I never think I am good enough…not sure how to resolve this one yet!

Trapped by Culture

I tend to avoid anything with a political undertone, but this is article is a rant for new friends I have made.

In England and as a man I can be very selfish and to the most part with the right admin have the freedom do anything I want and I am defined mostly by my actions. In conclusion I am f***ing lucky.

Queue some friends I have met. Ms K which this rant is mainly about is smart, funny mutli-lingual, well travelled and extremely resourceful. Unfortunately her visa ran out and had to return to China. I keep in regular contact with her and feel for her. Now she isn’t defined by herself but her relationship status as single, from her home life to even job interviews. She has felt pressured to meet suitors who don’t see a lively smart Woman but someone who isn’t quiet and reserved.

Mr S is a pretty slick young man who was travelling around Oceania, he has an amazing youthful enthusiasm about him. Unfortunately he had to stop his adventure to serve mandatory military service. Despite the country he lives in not being involved in a war for a century.

The point of this slightly off key article is to really appreciate the freedoms you have. Rant over.


People you meet travelling part 2

This is a series of articles exploring the people I meet travelling and the lessons I have learnt.

Ms China- She had left China to work in New Zealand. She stayed for two years and explored everywhere in New Zealand. She would work a little, quit, travel and repeat. She made me consider an important question do I ever want/need to settle in one place? One I will think on for the next 9 months.

Ms Australia– She was a senior lawyer in Australia and had no work life balance. She quit her job to travel around Fiji and the Cook Islands. I mention this lady because although we got on she is a mirror of some aspects of my personality-argumentative, competitive and an obsession with being right. She has helped me to realise being right or winning the argument for the sake for winning is pointless.

Mr and Mrs Canada– They had a six and a one year old child. They decided to buy a camper van travelling from Canada, to USA, Mexico, and work their way down to South America. This couple was especially inspiring as I am living my life with minimum emotional bagguage for fear of being tied down. However this couple had the obligations but were still having their an adventure.