The work trap…

I found myself this week almost falling into bad habits that I had hoped I shaked.

It was a cold and miserable week in England, I found myself stranded in a hotel for the week and not in the best of moods. At this low point I was starting to take my work home with me! Not in the physical sense which I have been very disciplined over but mentally .

The reason I mention this is because as most things if you want certain things in life you have to work for them. In my case I wanted that work life balance which is so important to my wellbeing. This week confirmed the danger of falling into old harmful patterns, which was the whole point taking a year off to rediscover my passion for life.

In this case it was about focusing my energies.

  • Firstly, it was about clearing my mind which was one of the first lessons I learnt travelling.
  • Secondly, it was about focusing my attention. In this case it was about reconnecting with travel friends and concentrating on filling my life with something outside of work.

So you ask what was the point of this story? Well the point is even when have a life changing event that helps redefine your life things don’t automatically change. Its about putting in hard work to make the lessons stick.



An introverts solo journey

So it may have not come across in my posts but I am an introvert in an extraverts world.

As an introvert I have to go on energy saving mode occasionally. So the last few weeks I have been on a massive high from my decision but currently I have had a calmness wash over me. At first I thought it was because I made the wrong decision. However I quickly reflected I am replenishing my energy.

So is solo traveling the world the right decision for me?

I would argue that introverts are best for solo traveling. But surely not as I will need to constantly take risks and talk to people!

Well as an introvert I am uniquely happy to be on my own as my energy comes from within. I am happy to sit on a mountain or beach on my own and just watch. Don’t get me wrong I still want to talk to people and be sociable after all I want to emerse myself in cultures.

The difference for me as an introvert I will need to say no to some group activities, I will be in a crowd and still be on my own, I will lock a door to write my thoughts and I will have my headphones in but not to be unsociable but to recharge. So go forth introverts and own your experience.