Toronto,Canada-there and back again

My experience of exploring the lovely Toronto, Canda

Toronto is broadly split into several districts examples of these include the Entertainment, Old Toronto, Downtown and China Town. Each district like most larger cities has its own identity to fit most personalities.

Just like most cities its worth spending some time planning what you want to do. A big difference in Toronto however is the massive transient community both in terms of temporary immigration as well as travellers. The massive advantage is there is always people wanting to explore ( I personally use the couchsurfing App to
find locals).

My personal favourite spots:
– Around the Habourfront centre: there’s always varied activities happening in the summer from beach parties, to opera to the best of Canadian cinema.
– Around Kensington Market: plenty of cool restaurants and bars to explore.
– Around Queens Park/University of Toronto campus, some old (at least in terms of North America) and stunning architecture.

Let me know your favourite Toronto spots.

Montreal-is it Canada?

As most people know Canada is a federation, with a very interesting history worth researching. The reason I mention this is because Quebec, Montreal feels like a completely different Country. This goes beyond the language to the architecture, culture and even the design of the city. Having said that I equally loved my time in Montreal.


In my opinion Montreal can only be truly experienced through a bike ride around Du Mount Royal Park, along the docks of the St Lawrence river and around oldtown.

There are some great guides online, however the locals are very friendly so ask. These were a few of my favourite spots:
– Notre-Dame Basililica at night (Picture above)
– The view from Chalet Du Mont-Royal
– Eating Poutine at Poutineville
– Shopping at Mile End

How did you find Montreal? Tell me about your experience in the comments.

Ottawa, Canada- they call me mister mellow

Before I got to Canada’s capital I was told it was a boring place, in fact one Canadian described it as “twattawa.” However Ottawa is one of the most unique Capitals I have been to because its so chilled/mellow. In today’s never stopping life the value of this in a city let alone a Capital cannot be underestimated.

Two more reasons that make Ottawa unique for a capital. First some background from a Canadian friend. Ottawa came about as a compromise of English and French Canada joining together, with each side wanting the Capital on their side. Ottawa strides both French and English former territories.

Reason One– So ignoring it ripping off of my own English Parliament- I have never been to one so accessible to its people. Despite Mr. Trump’s views, London is guarded and seeing how accessible this parliament is sums perfectly one of the reasons I love Canada. As a side note they have a free light show on Parliament Hill which is awesome.

Reason two– Ottawa represents a modern Capital. No matter where you are in Ottawa there is green space. This city encapsulates city life blending with nature. Another representation of Canada’s great ability for compromise and inclusion.