A travellers rant

In the last year travelling around the world I have met some amazing people. As I have been mainly staying in backpackers they tend to be a newer generation of people, not my own generation Y. This has been a great experience on the whole as they see the same things very differently but there is one thing I really don’t understand…

You have chosen to travel the world and are seeing some of the most amazing sights; both natural and manmade. However on the whole the first thought is to get a photo/selfie and move on.

Don’t get me wrong I like a good photo to capture the moment but after I have taken in the sights and thought about what I am seeing.

This was never more apparent when I recently visited the Great Ocean Road, which has some of the most amazing sea rock formations. People literally spent 30 seconds taking photos and moving on. WHY, WHY, WHY! Think you are seeing millions of years of rock formations creating a truly stunning visual experience and I assure you pictures wont do it justice.

Mini rant over. So young people, stop and enjoy the experience then take a photo. Your experience will be so much richer with a lasting memory.

Travel hacks

There are some amazing travel advice sites/blogs out there on how to save money, where to go etc. I even attempted an article to travel cheaply.

I wanted to do an article today on the more unusual tips I have discovered.

  • Blanket– bring a blanket with you (or take it from the plane). It can be essential when the aircon is full blast on buses-I learnt that the hard way. However its also great if you have a bottom bunk as you can hang it up to give you more privacy.
  • Cards-always have a pack with you. It can be lonely as a solo traveler. However start playing a solo game in the common area and sooner or later someone will ask what your playing and you have a potential new friend.
  • Dorms– most long term travelers opt to stay in dorms due to it being cheaper. However there are usually a few sizes. I always opt for the middle dorms- in most cases you get more space, they are rarely full which means you minimize snorers.
  • Frisby– It is nice to have a token of the people you meet. Personally a frisby is my choice as its easy carry, to get new friends to sign and can be a great group game.


Deciding whether backpacking is right for you?

As readers of my blog know in the past I always travelled very conservative at highend hotels, big suitcases with friends/family. I would have never considered backpacking was right for me, now I can’t imagine travelling any other way.

I came across this great article from the Partying Traveller which is worth a read for those considering different ways of travelling.

Over the past three years, I’ve been to over thirty countries, but it was only recently that I started backpacking. I was in Colombia on my first solo travel trip where I was tagging along with some backpacker friends I made and I decided that my mini suitcase was going to have to go. In […]

via Is Backpacking Right For You? — The Partying Traveler

For those in doubt dive in as you may surprise yourself.