I have been restless lately…

 In my gielded cage I wake up in the dark to see the day go bye. Back to the coldness of my crafted structure.
Then snap. I’m trapped.

With one big knock the walls crumble down. Left is a path of dust.
I stumple and turn with a smile on my face as realisation hits, i’m on the right path.

A journey of uncertainity to help discover beneath the surface.
Creating memories anew of people, sights and sounds.

I hit the centre of this giant maze. I have found the truth of my uncertainity.
It is simply balance. Then realisation, i’m truly restless.


Travel hacks

There are some amazing travel advice sites/blogs out there on how to save money, where to go etc. I even attempted an article to travel cheaply.

I wanted to do an article today on the more unusual tips I have discovered.

  • Blanket– bring a blanket with you (or take it from the plane). It can be essential when the aircon is full blast on buses-I learnt that the hard way. However its also great if you have a bottom bunk as you can hang it up to give you more privacy.
  • Cards-always have a pack with you. It can be lonely as a solo traveler. However start playing a solo game in the common area and sooner or later someone will ask what your playing and you have a potential new friend.
  • Dorms– most long term travelers opt to stay in dorms due to it being cheaper. However there are usually a few sizes. I always opt for the middle dorms- in most cases you get more space, they are rarely full which means you minimize snorers.
  • Frisby– It is nice to have a token of the people you meet. Personally a frisby is my choice as its easy carry, to get new friends to sign and can be a great group game.


Group travel-who does it?

I remember when I was deciding whether I should book a group travel adventure who would I meet, would I like them or would they drive me crazy!

I travelled with 48 other people from a range of backgrounds, although mostly Aussies…maybe I’m not sane. I found about 3/4’s were woman who explained they preferred the safety of group travel. The people ranged from party animals, to culture/history buffs, to would be photographers and to foodies.

Three examples of travellers

Ms T– A quiet introvert by nature who had recently graduated and treated herself to this trip. She didn’t drink and often liked to explore places on her own. However she would involved herself in group dinners and activities.

Mr A– A partier by nature and the oldest in the group. He worked as a consultant so had flexibility with work. He wanted to hit the clubs each night but would always be up ready to explore the amazing sights.

Ms H– A super classy lady who joined midway through. She was looking for an adventure away from her previous life. She went out on occasion but her passion was food and  architecture. Interestingly her experience helped her realised how much she loved her Ex and wanted to build a life with them…I may have wanted to vomit.

If you have any specific questions on group travel please write through.

Cambridge, UK- a flash visit

I have been briefly back in the UK until my next trip on 15 August, unable to sit still for more than 5 minutes what do I do? Explore, explore, explore. On the rare short’s weather day it was off to a city I haven’t been, Cambridge.

I admit that I was a little anti the UK when I left with BREXIT, the daily grind of London and the famous English weather. However I am seeing England’s beauty and Cambridge showcases why people should visit. With the cobbled streets, the amazing stone work and picturesque parks Cambridge is a must visit. In particular I absolutely loved punting and this is why….



Toronto,Canada-there and back again

My experience of exploring the lovely Toronto, Canda

Toronto is broadly split into several districts examples of these include the Entertainment, Old Toronto, Downtown and China Town. Each district like most larger cities has its own identity to fit most personalities.

Just like most cities its worth spending some time planning what you want to do. A big difference in Toronto however is the massive transient community both in terms of temporary immigration as well as travellers. The massive advantage is there is always people wanting to explore ( I personally use the couchsurfing App to
find locals).

My personal favourite spots:
– Around the Habourfront centre: there’s always varied activities happening in the summer from beach parties, to opera to the best of Canadian cinema.
– Around Kensington Market: plenty of cool restaurants and bars to explore.
– Around Queens Park/University of Toronto campus, some old (at least in terms of North America) and stunning architecture.

Let me know your favourite Toronto spots.

New Orleans-living up to expectations

I had high hopes for New Orleans as my first mainland USA experience and it sure lived up to expectations. For a city its a real beauty, from the stunning French style mansions, glorious Jackson Square to the sound of jazz in the background.

As there is so much information on New Orleans I am not going to do a long guide but point out four essentials: food, culture, tour and most interesting street.

Coops Place-to experience New Orleans it has to be done via food and Coops is the place for a true experience. Order Coops special to try five Southern specialties.

Cabildo-a truly interesting musuem to understand the history of New Orleans. It really helps to set the story of how this truly multi-cultural city blends so beautiful…and maybe why its so sinful.

Ghost tour by free foot tours– New Orleans has some very shady history and if you are an American Horror Story Fan you are going to love, yes love this tour.

St Charles St through the Garden District– for some of the best architecture in new Orleans travel along this beautiful St.

Wellington-is it worth a visit?

Its true I am anti-city because I love New Zealand Countryside/Seaside so much. However I have really enjoyed my time in Wellington, despite the rain.

What’s good? Lets start with the free stuff. Mt Victoria-get up early for sunrise (walk it as you see so much on the way up)-the views of the docks and city are amazing. There are a number of really good free museums. The must one is the museum of New Zealand (it rivals my favourite museum the V&A in London)- it tells the story of New Zealand from its creation to Modern life interactively and its FREE.

When in New Zealand you have to do something Lord of the Rings and I wasn’t feeling hobbiton-so instead a LOTR tour, which I really enjoyed. If you don’t want to do this at least visit WETA caves, its a really good tour of movie props/visual effects.

Eating/drinking: I went to a number of really good places to eat-but as I’m not a local I don’t want to recommend. Instead check out these streets: Cuba St, Dixon St and Courtenay St.

Interesting but true:  The Kiwi fruit in New Zealand came from China, its called the Chinese Gooseberry. Over 300 houses can only be accessed by cable cart in Wellington.


Why go? Outside thermal spa, Tongariro national park and the mystic Whanganui river.

What did I enjoy? Lets start with the free stuff. Outdoor spa thermal (free) park is about 25 minutes from central Taupo. It offers an opportunity to dip in a hot pool (very warm, not hot) for free. My advise would be to go early as it can hold about 12 people at most.

The Whanganui River winds throughout the Tasman Sea, its remote, beautiful and in cloudy weather mystic. Two options: walk to Huka falls(free) along the river from central Taupo. Alternatively go down the river (free if you have the equipment and experience). It takes a good 2.5 hours to go down rafting, which a number of companies offer.

Tongariro national park (free) with its stunning views throughout, (pic in this blog) you do however need to get yourself there. Options shuttle bus (65 dollars),  car or good old fashioned hitchhiking.

Sorry I didn’t get chance to explore the lake to make any suggestions.

New Zealand words and slang
Sweet as- very good
Buck-interchangeable term with Dollar
Nono- Maori for Bum

Auckland first impressions

So absolutely knackered. 27 hour flight, no sleep in 46 hours and exploring a new city.

First Impressions

Just got back from Mt Eden-yes I have officially climbed a Mountain (very tiny one). All I can say is WOW. Seeing Auckland from that high up just tells me I have made one great decision. From the beautiful habour, Devonport in the distance, the stunning parks all around to the mishmash of architecture Auckland is one good looking city.


The worlds cutesiest traffic lights-they make little DAH’s when you press them and once they go green DADADADA really quickly.

No level roads-everything is on a steep. My calf’s have had a serious workout today.

Airport security- they actually smile. I thought I entered the twilight zone.

Day one photos



Bye England hello world

Its finally travel day. I am at the airport now, my last possessions in my backpack checked and waiting for my first adventure to New Zealand. WOOP WOOP

I thought I might be nervous or more likely panic, however I feel very chilled and happy to be starting my year of adventure.  Next post from Auckland…