Dublin out and about for 3 days

As a city boy when I go away I want to be in nature…so it might seem strange going to Dublin! You would be wrong however, within a 40 minute bike ride you can be in some truly spectacular nature.

My suggestions for a long weekend in Dublin’s nature by cycling ( a must!):

  • Route 1-Howth coastal walk. From the city centre head to Clontarf Road where it’s just one long road to the Howth coastal walk, along the way you’ll see some amazing coastal views. When you get to Howth Balscadden view point park your bike and then just follow the coast for the epic sights
  • Route 2-to Bray. Similar to Howth this is a cycle route along the coast but this time head up to Bray. From the city centre head to Rock Road. Then it’s just one road along the coast taking in the sights until you can’t cycle anymore
  • Route 3-Dublin mountains. There are a number of trials on the mountain. I would personally suggest doing one of the Ticknock loops. I personally did the long loop as the views were amazing (See photo). To get here can be a little tricky. Look for Ticknock Road and off it you will see a marking on the map called biking.ie. This is the place to park your bike and the start of the trial. In essence once you find the trial keep to the left and you will do a loop, around 14km.

Top tips- get a bicycle with a very good seat and bring snacks… you are going to need the energy.



I will do a full guide to Rotorua soon, but I had so much fun in the Redwood I wanted to share. The Redwood is South of Rotorua town and is perfect for two things: Hiking and Mountain biking.

I personally did the latter with the aid of an electric mountain bike, and had so much fun. The forest had trails from children to level 6. I am inexperienced in mountain biking and managed to get to a level 3 on the way up but going down I found it very difficult.

So why go? Views, a serious workout and some good old adrenaline

Coromandel, Hahei and Waitianga

So I have spent four days in paradise. Everywhere you look there is another stunning view. However just a tip this area is best explored with a car.

Coromendel:Unfortunately I only drove through this area on my way to Waitianga, but the views (forests, hills, seaside’s) were to die for. Consider a stop off at Coromendel town for further exploration.

Waitianga: This is a good central place to allow you to explore. The town itself is a bit basic but there are plenty of good quality hostels (I loved my hostel On the Beach Backpackers Lodge) and other accommodation.

Hehei: From Waitianga you can catch a ferry towards Hahei- there are so many beautiful beaches to explore however my top recommendations:Hot Water Beach (shuttle bus-don’t bike I almost died from exhaustion), dig a hole in the beach and hot water fills it, it was super relaxing. It advises that its only usable two hours before and after low tide-however I was there three hours after low tide. Cathedral Cove, you have to hike down to the cove, which in itself has stunning views. The Cove has two little golden beaches and some coves you can go inside- the best part are the views (picture in this blog)

As always check out all the latest photos on my instagram.

Useful solo traveller article-enjoy

I’m equally comfortable traveling solo or with others. What I like best about traveling alone is that I can follow my own path. I’ve done it for awhile now, so I’m pretty comforta…

Source: Holiday for one? Tips for traveling solo.

A little twist

I had an interesting twist this morning with 30 days till I leave the last of my life behind. The house I made an offer on last year fell through and I was asked to make another offer.A tempting offer? I could return to my comfortable life with a house in the wings. However quickly I realised it was no longer an option and I was committed to the decisions I have made.

The point of this little tale is its easy to have distractions that take our life’s down a path unplanned/unwanted and it can be incredibly hard to reforge the life we want. Why? Its scary, its change, its unpredictable etc.

So if anyone is reading please make the most of your life. I have wasted five years. Don’t make my mistakes and life your life.

” I don’t know whether you can look at your past and find, woven like the hidden symbols on a treasure map, the path that will point to your final destination.”
-Jodi Picoult

My life poem…

I wanted to try something different today, I hope you enjoy it.

Life is the maze, and we stick to the path.

If you turn the wrong way do you risk getting lost.

To know is to feel safe, but what is lost. 

To get lost we feel but is it  hope or despair.

A risk worth exploring or is it a danger to great.

 A decision to turn when everyone travels straight.

I turned to the right and left my life with the fates.


Calling New Zealanders

I have made a final decision. The first stage of my adventure will be lovely New Zealand.

The Plan (please note I am only doing the northern island on this visit-queue shock! GASP!).

Starting in Auckland, up to the Bay of Islands, down to Hamiliton, east to Hahei then Rotorua. Followed by Mt Mauganui, Whaktane, Gisbourne and then Napier. Inwards to Taupo and down to Wellington. Then up to New Plymouth and Waitomo Caves, with a final stop at Raglan.

Any areas I have missed? would love to hear your experiences. I will leave you all with a Maori proverb that made a lot of sense to me.

“Seek the treasure you value most dearly: if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain”