Become a child-Gibbon experience

Ziplines, a jungle and giant treehouses. Do I need to say anymore!

The Gibbon experience in Laos is based in Nam Kan national park. Although marketed as a conservation project (which it very much is) the real USP is becoming a big child again. In essence there are three options; express, class and waterfall. I choose Waterfall.

The basic makeup of waterfall

Day 1- safety and check-in at their main office, drive to Nam Kan national park, hike to a waterfall for a much needed swim, hike some more, then fly about on ziplines and sleep in an awesome tree house.

Day 2- lots of hiking, some amazing ziplining, exploring the jungle for wildlife and a new tree house to sleep in.

Day 3-a little bit of hiking, lots of ziplining flying and driving back to their main office.

Who should do it: those who love nature, hiking and being a kid.

Who shouldn’t do it: those with a low level of fitness( its difficult), those afraid of bugs and people who need mirrors/hot showers.

4 thoughts on “Become a child-Gibbon experience

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