Group travel, the final verdict

So after spending 49 days travelling with young people, mainly Aussies on a bus around Europe what do I think about group travel? Honestly… I absolutely loved it. Don’t get me wrong there are downsides but they are easily outweighed.

Why I loved group travel

Intense friendship– the equivalent amount of time you spend with these people is months/years in the real world. The result is you can develop these lifelong friendships in a short amount of time.

Sit back and enjoy– solo/ partnership travel can be great but its a lot of planning- where do you say, what to do etc. Group travel takes that stress away and you can just enjoy your time emerging yourself in the culture of a place.

History and depth– of course you can do tours in each new place, but group travel has these organised or there completed by a tour leader. The result is you can really get to grips with a places history to help understand its current culture.

Not sure about group travel? Then please feel free to ask me any questions.

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