Bosnia-a very pleasant surprise

I didn’t know much about Bosnia before visiting beside a limited amount on the 1992 war/Genocide. So maybe I had an expectation of a somewhat sober country. I was so wrong. Bosnia obviously has had massive investment; the result is a buzzing electricity, a flavour of different cultures and an interesting history.

Now knowing more about the country this is completely understandable as its been Slavic, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian, the result is an eclectic culture.

What to do

Old town in Sarajevo– Nothing encapsulates Bosnia more than the smells of old town. Just wander down any street for an unique food.  In addition there are beautiful Mosques, Orthodox Churches and a Catholic Cathedral.

Tunnels– Bosnia is full of underground tunnels due to its interesting history. I would highly recommend visiting one. The Belgrade underground tour is highly recommended.

Srebrencia– Even though its intense you need to visit the war memorial in Srebrencia. The Museum is interactive and although incredibly sad its extremely interesting. Make sure to contact in advance for a tour from someone who was a victim of the genocide.


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