Group travel-who does it?

I remember when I was deciding whether I should book a group travel adventure who would I meet, would I like them or would they drive me crazy!

I travelled with 48 other people from a range of backgrounds, although mostly Aussies…maybe I’m not sane. I found about 3/4’s were woman who explained they preferred the safety of group travel. The people ranged from party animals, to culture/history buffs, to would be photographers and to foodies.

Three examples of travellers

Ms T– A quiet introvert by nature who had recently graduated and treated herself to this trip. She didn’t drink and often liked to explore places on her own. However she would involved herself in group dinners and activities.

Mr A– A partier by nature and the oldest in the group. He worked as a consultant so had flexibility with work. He wanted to hit the clubs each night but would always be up ready to explore the amazing sights.

Ms H– A super classy lady who joined midway through. She was looking for an adventure away from her previous life. She went out on occasion but her passion was food and  architecture. Interestingly her experience helped her realised how much she loved her Ex and wanted to build a life with them…I may have wanted to vomit.

If you have any specific questions on group travel please write through.


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