Group travel…what to expect

So after travelling on my own for the first 5 months and change I wanted to shake it up, so decided on a group tour.

What is a group tour? In essence a group of strangers with the help of a guide travel around a given location, simples.

In my case 49 days around Europe with 40ish young people full of hormones, what’s the worse that could happen….

7 days in…This trip is so different from travelling on my own:

  • Everything is so heightened with a constant electricity in the air.
  • Relationships/clicks gets formed so quickly and the small talk dissipates replaced by the same contentment you get with a long time friend.
  • Every location we visit has a sense of urgency, with the need to use every second to absorb what the new place has to offer.
  • The travelling on our coach which was hash on the first day has become our constant for much needed naps, snacking and games.

I will keep you posted on the next 42 days….


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