Lust in the city…does it last?

I recently did an article on the effects of forming a new ‘friend’ when travelling. At the time I was finding my travellers adventurous spirit being replaced with a desire to stay.

So what happened!

After spending an amazing few days with this ‘friend’ they convinced me to carry on and then come back. I ended up coming back and spending some more time with them. I was surprised to see a considerable change in my feelings. Although I was still having a great time the fire that made it impossible to think straight had quenched. I was ready to see it for what it was, having fun in the moment. I was now ready to keep having more adventures.

The point…

I did a part two of this article specifically for those travellers in the throws of lust. Before you commit to staying still spend some time away and then come back. Its often hard to see a situation clearly when in it. However if its right go for it, you only have one life enjoy it.

Tell me about your experience now in the comments.


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