Lust in the city-a travellers dilemma

So a holiday and especially travelling can be a very freeing experience. When travelling for a long time the emotional guards that were carefully constructed crumble (or at least in my case). So what happens when you add to the mix a lot of young (or my case youngish) travellers??? Lust lust lust.

After 4 months there has been a few lustful exchanges, however a recent one for the first time has dampen my travellers curiosity and made me want to stop in one place.

So the big question is why. This person isn’t a fellow traveller so maybe its their grounding I’m craving? Maybe I am truly into them, but what would be point with a clear expiration date? Maybe I’m just lonely and they represent companionship I desire? Maybe its just the excitement and I should go with it?

Have you had a holiday/travel experience like this, if so please tell me your story and what you did?

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