Toronto, Canada-the city I loved

So in theory Toronto is nothing special comparatively speaking. It isn’t especially green, it doesn’t have an interesting history like European cities, its got things to do but nothing truly special. ETC etc.

So I didn’t understand why I loved, yes loved Toronto so much. As I got to Toronto I felt an instant calm. It took me a while to work it out but I think I have narrowed it down to a few reasons.

  • The people are lovely- I knew Canadians were suppose to be nice, but they truly are good people. They are polite, considerate and it can make a real difference when a stranger simply says good morning.
  • The city is chilled– unlike New York or London or most cities,  Toronto doesn’t feel rushed, as if by committing to one activity you miss out on everything else.
  • Toronto is incredibly multi-cultural. My first night I got there I ended up going for a drink with people who now live in Toronto but were from five different continents. In a time of my home country isolating themselves seeing multi-culturalism work so well gives me continued hope.

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