Being homesick…

So travelling for an extended period has been a truly blessed experience, however I found myself home sick for a couple of days last week.

I have meet fellow travellers in person and online who have been very homesick especially when solo travelling. I got though it and am having an amazing fulfilling experience again. So I wanted to share some simple tips that helped me.

Structure– as a traveller I personally try to be in the moment. However the constant unknown can add to homesickness. So spend some time getting organised, even if its just planning one day; not only will the planning make you think of something else, but will also give you some much needed certainity going forward.

A taste of home– do something that you would have done at home. For me its was spending a little extra and having my own room for a day. But it could be a favourite food, gossip with a friend, a movie etc

Don’t isolate yourself– its tempting to crawl into your shell when your feeling low, but do the opposite. Meet other travellers if your at a hostel, or use meet ups on couchsurfing. Other travellers will help reinforce the reason you are doing what your doing.


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