Atlanta, USA- the pleasant surprise

I got to Atlanta and thought what a shit hole. Its grey with concrete everywhere. However the quote don’t judge a book by its cover should be the motto of this city. In short I loved Atlanta, its has some amazing gems and lovely people.

Must do’s in Atlanta

Civil and Human Rights Centre– without doubt this is the most interesting museum. Its thought provoking, has activities to let you experience protests during the black civil rights movement and combines learning styles to make a truly unique experience.

Atlanta Historic Centre– this centre is very interesting as it has houses/farms in different time periods to let you devolve into periods of Atlanta history.

Martin Luther King JR Centre– for anyone interested in history, civil rights or generally what makes USA what it is today, then this Centre is for you.

Mary Mac’s Tea Room-want southern food that sticks to the ribs look no further. This places combines the best of southern hospitality, carby delicious dishes and great prices. Make sure to try the peanut butter pie with oreo crust its soooo good.

In conclusion if you are thinking of skipping Atlanta think again.


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