Five personal reflections of a solo traveller

It has just been over three month’s travelling solo and it made me ask some questions. Have I enjoyed myself? Yes. Am I still having a good time? Yes. Am I missing home? On occasion. Have I found what I am looking for? No but I am starting too. So I thought I would share a few personal reflections.

  1. The essential nature of balance in my life– I need excitement offset against calm.
    People offset against me time. Travel offset with times of stillness. In essence when I return to whatever I decide to go back to I need to work (yes it wont just happen) to find balance in my life.

  2. People help fulfil me– eefore this journey I was becoming more introverted and like a Hermit, I had lost sight of people. I realise my personal preference is small groups of people, especially new people.

  3. The great outdoors– before this trip I had convinced myself a good time involved civilised cocktails at an overpriced cocktail bar. I realise I am most at peace outside whether hiking, climbing, swimming, mountain biking etc.

  4. I really cant sit still– something in my personality dictates I can’t just be still.
    In the last decade this has manifest in trying to make dramatic changes in my life (this adventure a prime example). I have come to realise its because I have an insatiable thirst for the new. How I balance this with whatever new life I create will be essential for happiness. How to accomplish this is something I have another 9 months to think on.

  5. I never think I am good enough…not sure how to resolve this one yet!


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