People you meet travelling part 2

This is a series of articles exploring the people I meet travelling and the lessons I have learnt.

Ms China- She had left China to work in New Zealand. She stayed for two years and explored everywhere in New Zealand. She would work a little, quit, travel and repeat. She made me consider an important question do I ever want/need to settle in one place? One I will think on for the next 9 months.

Ms Australia– She was a senior lawyer in Australia and had no work life balance. She quit her job to travel around Fiji and the Cook Islands. I mention this lady because although we got on she is a mirror of some aspects of my personality-argumentative, competitive and an obsession with being right. She has helped me to realise being right or winning the argument for the sake for winning is pointless.

Mr and Mrs Canada– They had a six and a one year old child. They decided to buy a camper van travelling from Canada, to USA, Mexico, and work their way down to South America. This couple was especially inspiring as I am living my life with minimum emotional bagguage for fear of being tied down. However this couple had the obligations but were still having their an adventure.

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