Who do you meet when traveling?

I wondered when I started this solo traveling adventure who will I meet and what lessons could I learn? This series of articles will be a spot light on those people.

Mr. Young Germany–  I traveled with this young man a few days, he had graduated school a year early, decided to defer university to travel. Unlike a lot of people his age he decided not to do it as part of a tour and go solo. He helped my realise I don’t have to be so tough on myself-be kind to yourself.

Mr. England– Worked in insurance and this was his third time taking a year to travel. I met him in Honolulu and he has a serious girlfriend who he lived with in Japan for 3 years. He helped my realise with the right partner you don’t have to feel trapped.

Ms. Germany– She had a similar story to myself- fell into a career, saved hard for a home and was working her way up the career ladder. Then like myself felt incredibly trapped by life, decided to make a dramatic change and find herself by traveling . Unlike me she still wanted some structure so has been doing causal Nanny work in the places she visits. She helped me reconfirm that I don’t need to always do what society expects of me.


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