A different side of Hawaii-Oaha north shore

Oaha north shore is a polar opposite of Honolulu. Honolulu you get lifeguard beaches, tower blocks and lots of happy hours, the north shore has wild surfing beaches, mad waves and food trucks. So which is for you? Personally unless your a very experienced surfer the Northshore is worth a visit but maybe not a stay.

Where to stay: Three main options; Pupeka for the best beaches, Halewi the historic town or Laie for the cultural centre. It doesn’t matter too much as a cheap bus goes from one end to the other in 30 mins.

What to do: You guessed it, go to the beach. Sunset beach is the main one for surfing (hosts the international surfing competition), Sharks Cove for snorkeling and Waimea to jump 35 meters of a massive rocks (so much fun). Other activities includes Waimea Valley and waterfall and the Polynesian cultural centre.

Don’t miss: The Polynesian cultural centre- it can be a little pricey but its worth spending the money to find out about the different tribes. Its split into 3 sections: 12-5pm explore the exhibitions/mini shows (about $60), 5-7pm buffet (prices vary), 7:30-8:45 breath of life show (about $40).


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