The darkside of solotravel-is it for you?

So despite the dramatic title I am a massive fan of solotraveling. Currently one month into a 12 month journey.  There are alot of great blogs/articles on the merits of solotravel- I particularly like The Wandering Broski blog: so follow him. However this article is dedicated to reasons you shouldn’t solotravel.

Solotravel is what it says on the tin. You are traveling on your own, making all the decisions, doing activites on your own, eating/drinking on your own etc. The point I am making is you may meet people on your journey to have a meal/do an activity with etc but primarily you will be on your own.

So is it for me? In my opinion if you answer any of these questions no, you should consider is solotraveling for me.

Would you go for a meal on your own where you currently live? Can you adapt without help if something goes wrong? Would you introduce yourself to a stranger? You don’t get sick when traveling? You would do an activity on your own where you live? You like to learn about new places and cultures? You can do basic cooking if needed?

If the answer to all these questions is yes then start that solotravel journey. If you had a No try doing the action in question as you may surprise yourself.


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