Wellington-is it worth a visit?

Its true I am anti-city because I love New Zealand Countryside/Seaside so much. However I have really enjoyed my time in Wellington, despite the rain.

What’s good? Lets start with the free stuff. Mt Victoria-get up early for sunrise (walk it as you see so much on the way up)-the views of the docks and city are amazing. There are a number of really good free museums. The must one is the museum of New Zealand (it rivals my favourite museum the V&A in London)- it tells the story of New Zealand from its creation to Modern life interactively and its FREE.

When in New Zealand you have to do something Lord of the Rings and I wasn’t feeling hobbiton-so instead a LOTR tour, which I really enjoyed. If you don’t want to do this at least visit WETA caves, its a really good tour of movie props/visual effects.

Eating/drinking: I went to a number of really good places to eat-but as I’m not a local I don’t want to recommend. Instead check out these streets: Cuba St, Dixon St and Courtenay St.

Interesting but true:  The Kiwi fruit in New Zealand came from China, its called the Chinese Gooseberry. Over 300 houses can only be accessed by cable cart in Wellington.


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