Why go? Outside thermal spa, Tongariro national park and the mystic Whanganui river.

What did I enjoy? Lets start with the free stuff. Outdoor spa thermal (free) park is about 25 minutes from central Taupo. It offers an opportunity to dip in a hot pool (very warm, not hot) for free. My advise would be to go early as it can hold about 12 people at most.

The Whanganui River winds throughout the Tasman Sea, its remote, beautiful and in cloudy weather mystic. Two options: walk to Huka falls(free) along the river from central Taupo. Alternatively go down the river (free if you have the equipment and experience). It takes a good 2.5 hours to go down rafting, which a number of companies offer.

Tongariro national park (free) with its stunning views throughout, (pic in this blog) you do however need to get yourself there. Options shuttle bus (65 dollars),  car or good old fashioned hitchhiking.

Sorry I didn’t get chance to explore the lake to make any suggestions.

New Zealand words and slang
Sweet as- very good
Buck-interchangeable term with Dollar
Nono- Maori for Bum


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