Coromandel, Hahei and Waitianga

So I have spent four days in paradise. Everywhere you look there is another stunning view. However just a tip this area is best explored with a car.

Coromendel:Unfortunately I only drove through this area on my way to Waitianga, but the views (forests, hills, seaside’s) were to die for. Consider a stop off at Coromendel town for further exploration.

Waitianga: This is a good central place to allow you to explore. The town itself is a bit basic but there are plenty of good quality hostels (I loved my hostel On the Beach Backpackers Lodge) and other accommodation.

Hehei: From Waitianga you can catch a ferry towards Hahei- there are so many beautiful beaches to explore however my top recommendations:Hot Water Beach (shuttle bus-don’t bike I almost died from exhaustion), dig a hole in the beach and hot water fills it, it was super relaxing. It advises that its only usable two hours before and after low tide-however I was there three hours after low tide. Cathedral Cove, you have to hike down to the cove, which in itself has stunning views. The Cove has two little golden beaches and some coves you can go inside- the best part are the views (picture in this blog)

As always check out all the latest photos on my instagram.


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