Auckland 3 days on…

So I have finished my first lot of three days in Auckland. So what’s the verdict? The verdict is my legs are on fire. I considered myself very fit until I become a  tourist.

Guide-what I have enjoyed so far

Coast to Coast Walkway-I personally hired a bicycle to do this tour. Starting from the city center docks to Manukau coast.  The views from Mt Eden and One Tree Hill were AMAZING. Check out my instagram for the latest photos.

Ponsonby St- So I am staying a little outside the city centre in Ponsonby, if you decide to do the same check out Ponsonby St. I went to Saan, the slowed cooked beef cheeks are so yummy.

Habour cruise- If you want a good feel for the the habour and the neighbouring Islands this is one for you. It also includes a return ticket to Devonport as part of the price.

What I haven’t enjoyed so much

Sorry Auckland you’re a real good looker but your beaches are crap.


Go to the i-site in the city centre (near the docks) they have everything you need for inspiration.


Sushi- Auckland is going through a serious phrase. Sushi joints are everywhere.


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