London… relearning the love part 3

In an earlier post I spoke about relearning my love of London. As I discussed I discovered a great app called Walkster that has suggested walking tours. Today’s tour Richmond.

So armed with my oyster card (i’m still retro) and hat off I went to Richmond. How to describe Richmond? In the background I hear clay pigeon shooting( I hope) and dogs barking. I stand at the top of a hill and see the mighty river thames, rowers and parks blooming all around me. I smell fresh air away from the hustle of central London, and I know I am in a very Conservative Borough.

All in all Richmond was a much needed escape from central London for the day and if I ever come back to London will be a welcome regular escape. For those picture lovers see a few here

“To watch the sunset after a cold winter’s day, the hued colours of pale in subtle purple grays, bushing peach and pinks, to paint light brush strokes on the February sunset watch” -Sunset Watch


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