An introverts solo journey

So it may have not come across in my posts but I am an introvert in an extraverts world.

As an introvert I have to go on energy saving mode occasionally. So the last few weeks I have been on a massive high from my decision but currently I have had a calmness wash over me. At first I thought it was because I made the wrong decision. However I quickly reflected I am replenishing my energy.

So is solo traveling the world the right decision for me?

I would argue that introverts are best for solo traveling. But surely not as I will need to constantly take risks and talk to people!

Well as an introvert I am uniquely happy to be on my own as my energy comes from within. I am happy to sit on a mountain or beach on my own and just watch. Don’t get me wrong I still want to talk to people and be sociable after all I want to emerse myself in cultures.

The difference for me as an introvert I will need to say no to some group activities, I will be in a crowd and still be on my own, I will lock a door to write my thoughts and I will have my headphones in but not to be unsociable but to recharge. So go forth introverts and own your experience.




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